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Writer, director, producer, and idea generator, Taylor Ri’chard is a creative force. Motivated by a desire to build outside of the normal Hollywood confines, he has leveraged his entrepreneurial instincts and business savvy to continually create and disrupt the film and entertainment industry. In 2021 Ri’chard was admitted into the Producers Guild of America.

Juggling multiple creative projects with ease, Ri’chard is always thinking outside the norm. He launched his own distribution company, Lincoln Motion Pictures in 2021. His production company, 3rd Fathom Films, launched in 2011 with business partner Zach Davis continues to feed Ri’chard’s desire and passion for filmmaking; 3rd Fathom
recently opened a Latino division, 3rd Fathom Films Latino.

Ri’chard has directed, written, and produced dozens of films, and special projects. In 2016, he released The Final Project, making Ri’chard one of the first and only black
writer-directors to release a film to theaters in the horror genre, paving the way for other black horror filmmakers like Jordan Peele and Misha Green. Following the success
of The Final Project, the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences requested a copy of the film’s screenplay for their permanent core

Ri’chard has recently expanded his focus beyond the horror genre and secured the film rights of the New York Times Bestseller "Tryin’ to Sleep in The Bed You’ve Made". He also recently produced and directed the soon-to-be-released film, P.S. I Hate U, and he directed the horror/ thriller Hallowed Be Thy Name, which he also wrote.

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