TAYLOR RI'CHARD | Writer/Director & Executive Producer

Taylor Ri'chard is an executive producer and film director based in Atlanta. He is the talented creative force at 3rd Fathom Films. Starting as an Associate Producer on the Academy Award-winning HBO Documentary "Murder on a Sunday Morning", he has established himself with his first feature film THE FINAL PROJECT. As a Writer/Director at 3rd Fathom, Taylor juggles multiple productions and is currently celebrating the release of his second feature film HALLOWED BE THY NAME.

ZACH DAVIS | Screenwriter & Executive Producer

Zach is a Desert Storm Veteran who's passion for creativity was sparked in when he and a friend authored and published two successful "straight-talk" relationship books. This led to Zach being a contributor to several mainstream magazines and websites. To take his passion to the next level, Zach and Taylor Ri'chard founded 3rd Fathom Films, where he established himself as a Screenwriter/ Executive Producer with the release of his first feature "The Final Project". Always the visionary, Zach was also a partner and Chief of Content and Curation at the former Q3030 Networks which was the #1 Urban channel on the Roku streaming platform reaching millions in over 59 countries. Zach served as a panelist at the A3C Conference. Zach is currently celebrating the release of the company's second feature "Hallowed Be Thy Name".


GENTRY PARKS | Writer/Director & Producer

Gentry has a passion for producing a great story. After years as a project manager in the advertising world, Gentry left her desk job and followed her dreams of becoming a filmmaker. After graduating with a Bachelor 
of Fine Arts degree in Media Production, Gentry enrolled in the Film and Television graduate program at Savannah College of Art and Design. Since then, she’s successfully produced, written and directed several short films, web series and television sizzle reels. Most recently, Gentry joined 3rd Fathom Films as an executive co-owner and produced her first feature film, titled “Hallowed Be Thy Name", currently out now.

ALEC DAWSON | Writer & Producer

Alec has a talent for writing a great script and helping it come alive on screen. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Film and Media from Georgia State University, Alec worked on several small productions as a producer. He also did background work in several features filmed around Atlanta before finding his home at 3rd Fathom Films. He is credited with working in post-production as an Associate Producer for the companies second feature “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. He is currently working on 3rd Fathom's upcoming slates as a writer and producer.


LUIS PEÑA | Cinematographer

Luis Peña is a director of photography from the Dominican Republic. After finishing his M.A. at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he has worked as a freelancer in the Atlanta film community. Working mostly as DIT and a colorist, he has been a camera operator for 3rd Fathom's feature film  'Hallowed Be Thy Name". Most recently, Luis has worked as a director of photography for the feature documentary 'Time and Place'.

LOGAN GUY | Sound Mixer & Audio Engineer

Logan Guy is a field location mixer/boom operator. He graduated college as an audio engineer and soon realized sitting in the studio was not for him. He then shortly after moved to Atlanta and started pursuing his passion for audio in the film industry. His first big opportunity came with a chance to engineer sound for the feature "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Logan is currently working as a sound mixer for a live production company.