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Founded in 2011 by Taylor Ri'chard and Zach Davis, 3rd Fathom Films was created as a solution to showcase their own creativity by bringing to life stories on screen that transcened to the next level.

In 2016 3rd Fathom Films released The Final Project to a worldwide release that gathered a huge cult following and a resurgence for the found-footage horror film genre. In 2020 3rd Fathom Films released its second feature film Hallowed Be Thy Name.

In 2020 3rd Fathom Films acquired Ecuadorian-based production company La 5ta Maquina Films to create 3rd Fathom Films Latino, the company's international division.

Today the company is expanding bigger than ever and reaching new heights with cinematic storytelling and partnerships becoming a dominating force in Atlanta and beyond.

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3rd Fathom Films

3395 Northeast Expy NE Atlanta, GA 30341

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