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Script Devolpment

3rd Fathom Films can assist you in assembling your production. If you have an idea, 3rd Fathom Films can bring it to life. Talented crew, great equipment, vendor relationships, and the ability to get it done, allow 3rd Fathom Films to complete your project on budget and on time.

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3rd Fathom Films has produced a variety of features from Horrors and Thrillers to Dramas, varying in size and budget. The one constant is Quality! With 15+ years of industry contacts and the ability to assemble assets for any level of production, 3rd Fathom Films continues to produce entertaining films and television content.

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3rd Fathom Films contains some of Atlanta's top award-winning directors with an exceptionally keen eye for creativity and vision and provides many options for directing projects.


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Pre Film Production

From assisting in finding talent and outsourcing crew to scouting the best locations to help capture your vision, 3rd Fathom Films can assist with any pre-production needs to make sure your film comes to life in the vision you set forth. 

Budget & Schedueling

Staying on budget and on schedule are the most important ingredients to the success of any production. 3rd Fathom Films can help your production do both! Determining the budget for a script is a difficult task and 3rd Fathom Films has the expertise to do this at any level.


3rd Fathom Films offers a wide range of audio services from on-set recording to final audio mastering. Let us know how we can work with you to accomplish your audio needs.


3rd Fathom Films works with the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite as well as legacy software for Final Cut Pro. We are versed in working with a wide range of video formats and codecs and have no problem cutting your source footage together into your desired master format. Clients are able to schedule time to meet with editors and work alongside them, or we can upload footage via Vimeo as it is cut for your approval and notes.


3rd Fathom Films provides color grading services for films that do not have access to color correction suites or colorists. We work with the latest version of Davinci Resolve with broadcast quality monitors to guarantee your program not only looks good but also meets theatrical and broadcast color standards.



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